Cape Diamond Wines conceptualises and creates registered branded products for marketing both locally and internationallly.

Cape Diamond Wines was founded in Cape Town to improve accessibility and more closely associate Lutzville with the Cape Winelands.

Cape Diamond Wines, as a subsidiary of Lutzville Vineyards, proudly distributes its produce and as an added benefit Cape Diamond Wines also contracts retail house brands and packaging for various other brands.

Lutzville Vineyards is the heritage and provenance of Cape Diamond Wines. Ideally situated within the banks of the mightly Elephants River alongside South Africa's West Coast, Lutzville Vineyards proudly claims to be South Africa's second biggest single winery.

The Lutzville Valley with her abundant annual produce guarantees consistency in both supply and quality. Choice abounds! Literally any taste preference can be met with our tailor made wines.

The Diamond Coast has once again revealed one of its gems... the Lutzville Valley.